I am on a mission to help people step back into their power. Your health is your birthright. Reclaim it!


Since 2014, Zach has been coaching and mentoring clients around the world, helping them step into their health, balance and power. Zach isn’t just a weight loss coach or diet promoter. Instead, as your mentor, he strives to shine the light of conscious awareness on how our health mirrors larger themes in our lives and how to courageously reclaim our power by creating the life we’ve always dreamed of.

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Learn more about me, my story and how I got started in coaching.

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"I am very grateful for the service Zach provides. He connects with me on a real, authentic level. Thanks to him I am learning quickly to get to the root of my issues. Zach aids me in working through them while simultaneously respecting my boundaries. This is powerful, transformative work."