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 “Zach, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart! Six sessions with you had a much greater effect on my health than several years of therapy I went through before. I especially want to thank you for the following aspects. 1) Awareness - You've understood my themes quickly and precisely. You've questioned some of my deeply rooted beliefs and assisted me in trying new perspectives. 2) Compassion & Understanding - As you went through similar things, you absolutely know what you're talking about. You've given me the feeling of really being heard, seen, felt and understood. 3) Unconditional Love - When I was ashamed because of my weakness and confusion during or in between our sessions, you just offered me warmth, love and appreciation. You didn't stop doing it, even if I wasn't able to fully receive it at the given moment. 4) Practical Tips - You didn't stay theoretical or abstract in your advices. You were always focused on how I can implement the insights which we've figured out together. You've offered me some extremely helpful exercises. You've been interested in my progress in between our sessions. This has helped me staying active and motivated. 5) Empowerment - You've always believed in my power. You've perceived and talked to my true self, although it was hidden behind walls of fear and self-hate. You've reassured me, when I've been afraid of necessary changes. You've never dictated my steps, but supported me in finding them on my own. This is what you are capable of doing, Zach! This is what you can share with the world. You're awesome! I believe in you!” - Luise N.


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