Stay With It

My yoga class was starting to build in intensity. Just as my favorite song came on, we began flowing through multiple variations, connecting my breath with the growing heat building within me. Sweat began pouring down to the mat, and in the background I heard my teacher remind us of persistence. That in the battle between rock and stream, the water always prevails.

‘Be like the stream’ she says, ‘Persistence is the key to everything you want in life.’

I resonated with this advice— my teacher always has a way of giving me tidbits of advice in my life that I always seem to need in the moment.

Persistence is what got me through my practice. After a long day with a few unexpected twists, I came come from work feeling defeated and unsure of myself. The decision to follow through with my plan to attend yoga, was the most difficult part of my evening.

Recently I’ve been facing several major key decisions that will greatly impact the course of my life and career. I’ve gotten to a point where I know exactly what I want— which is to help others going through what I have and am going through.

My greatest joy in life is empowering others and watching them grow. Over the past few years I have coached dozens of clients. Many of them today run successful online businesses and have coaching practices that enable them to help others through what they have gone through themselves.

Over the past year I’ve stepped away from my career and stepped back in. The major element in my life that was missing was persistence. After two years of coaching, I found myself lacking the persistence to continue on, out of fear, concern and most important— lack of self-trust.

Like many others, I lost my own sense of trust. I fell into a slump where my confidence decreased, my motivation faltered, persistence was lost and all the sudden— I couldn’t trust myself to make a decision anymore.

From this space, I could not continue on. My fear of failure, the concerns over making a living and the threat of controversy and disapproval were too much for me to handle. I could not simultaneously decide to stay and trust myself enough to remain persistent. Instead, taking a step back and walking away felt like the best decision.

I took time to not know what I wanted. I took time to have a quintessential identity crisis and crisis of faith. I changed my mind multiple times, questioned relationships in my life, parted ways with some and was left raw, exposed and increasingly self aware.

A strange thing happens when you step away from everything you know. You’re left alone with yourself and your own thoughts. There’s no more distraction or noise, you have to face the one thing you have been avoiding most— yourself.

From this space, I began to ask myself what I truly wanted. The answers came slowly, over time. Truly all I want, is to once again be in a position where I can help others, and ultimately, myself.
This realization was not enough. I looked at the life I was living and know that changes need to be made and the path of persistence in my career is waiting for me, I just need to flow to it. As I was breathing through my intense yoga poses last night, I realized that as intimidating and scary as the rocks in my life appear to be, its not my job to fight them. I just have to flow past them and trust that the stream is taking me where I need to go.

It’s not easy to trust the flow of life— especially when you’ve hit the rocks hard along the way.

Persistence is the missing piece to my journey. After a turbulent past year, it makes me feel like I can handle any obstacle in my way.

The longer I stay persistent, the more I begin to trust myself again.

Perhaps the greatest challenge we face in our lives, is realizing what you truly want, and letting go, trusting it and having the courage to be persistent enough to actualize it.

Sometimes life will take us through the rockiest and most tumultuous streams to get us where we want to go.

Our job isn’t to fight it. Our job is to let go and trust.