Out with Resolutions, In with Intentions! A Powerful New Year’s Eve Ritual

New Year Intention.jpg

It’s New Year’s Eve!

I love this day. We're spending the day cleaning, clearing, wrapping up old projects, lighting some candles and writing New Year Intentions— not resolutions. What's the difference between Intention versus Resolution? Glad you asked.

Intentions transform your year and resolutions... well... they transform your first few weeks of January... then usually fail 80% of the time… before February. Ouch.

Growing up on the 90’s diet-obsessed culture I was inundated with New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight. Every channel on TV, every billboard, every ad— was about losing fat, getting thin and turning your life around. “This is the year you’ll do it” the ads promised. I watched too many people (including myself) fall prey to this cultural phenomenon, only to lose a little weight and gain it all back.

Simply put— a resolution is a resolve or a declaration of something you’re going to do better in the new year. It’s a call to action— a promise to yourself. America’s Puritan roots espouse this concept of purification— of losing what is wicked and striving to be the best people we can possibly be.

But let’s be real— left to our own devices, in the bitter cold and dark light of a North American January— there’s only so long restriction of rich foods, drinks and hitting the snooze button for those early morning workouts before we give in— and fail. Instead of making the new year better, we’ve crushed our egos.

A good intention isn’t a declaration, it’s a tone setter for the upcoming year. If your goal is to lose weight, a bad resolution is “I am finally going to lose the weight” and a powerful intention is “2019 is the year I get the support I need to transform my health— mind, body and spirit.”

Intentions consider all parts of you. You know that part of you that refuses to get out of bed for 6:00am workouts? There’s only so long you can keep them down before they start turning your alarm off while you’re unconscious (it’s happened to me, no joke). Start scheduling your workouts during times of the day you’ll actually follow through.

Intentions are realistic. And to be clear— transformations are very realistic but a healthy timeline is essential. If you want to lose fifty pounds, giving yourself the full year to meet your goal is super healthy and realistic. Maybe going on an intense restrictive diet isn’t a good idea— especially if you love warm food in the cold. Set an intention to eat clean, comforting warm foods instead!

Last year, I had a simple intention- to get out of my own way and create something better. I started my business back up, stepped into my dream career, met the most amazing clients ever, traveled, lost the weight that wasn't serving me, journeyed down to Costa Rica, met with patients in Chicago and virtually from my home office. The changes were drastic and much needed. I seriously don't even recognize my life anymore. I'm walking into 2019 with so much gratitude for last year's intentions!

Here’s how to set your New Year’s Intentions:

1. Get clear on your goals. (Ex: I want to get out of debt.)

2. On a piece of paper, write down your intention associated with that goal. (Ex: I intend for all forces in the universe to lead me towards the people, places and things I need to assist me in making responsible, healthy financial decisions that alleviate my debt.)

3. Make a promise to yourself to honor your intention by taking the action necessary for it to manifest. Intentions are active pursuits— they are not passive. Brainstorm ways to follow through that honor all parts of you and are realistic for where you are in life.

I personally like to burn the pages and throw the ashes to the wind. For me, this is a moment of release and contract with the universe— that I’m willing to go with the winds of change to actualize my goals and intentions.

Want to chat through your intentions? Shoot me an email to info@zachmoyer.com and tell me all about them! I'll get back to you this evening or tomorrow. Then, if you're ready to make 2019 your year, enter code 2019 on any session or package for 10% off.

Have a healthy and intentional New Year!

Lots of love,