To Juice or Not to Juice, That is The Question

A few years ago, juicing took the health industry by a storm. Everyone was juicing and selling recipes and fancy equipment.

The premise is simple. Take a fruit or vegetable, mechanically strip it of its fiber and form into a liquid juice form and drink it immediately. By doing this, you are ingesting the pure nutrients, phytonutrients, minerals and substance of the plant without the need for mechanical digestion. The juice hits your stomach, is absorbed through into the intestines and the nutrients are assimilated into the body.

Many people went on juice fasts, meaning they would stop eating all food and only consume juice. Admittedly, I did this. The first time I tried to lose weight, I went on a four-day juice fast and lost quite a bit of weight… because I wasn’t eating. By the fifth day I was foaming at the mouth and ate a salad with no regrets.

So what do I think of juicing?

I conditionally like it.

Here’s why:

— Juicing high-sugar fruit is not good for you. Oranges and apples, for instance, are amazing for you and delicious. Their fiber, however, in their full form will cause the sugars in the fruit to be digested and assimilated slowly by the body, therefore stabilizing the blood sugar response and keeping you full longer. Fruit juice buy itself is like a shot of sugar and I am skeptical of it’s benefits.

— Only consuming juice is difficult on the plumbing. Your intestines are amazing! They innately push through and digest all your food through the process of peristalsis, assimilating the good and releasing the bad through urine and feces with a symphony of complex bacterium. This process is accomplished when there is actual food matter cooperating with the muscle contractions. Juice fasts often cause digestion distress and I am very skeptical of colon hydro-therapy as the solution to the constipation that sets in a week or so into the fast.

Here’s why I love juicing though.

— Juicing fresh vegetables (especially leafy greens) and drinking the juice is extremely healthy and good for you. But you have to drink it immediately, juices lose almost all their nutrition the longer they are exposed to oxygen post-juicing.

— Drinking a juice is a perfect way to start a meal. A vegetable juice of leafy greens and carrots would be phenomenal before a meal, especially if you aren’t planning on eating a salad.

You can blend it too!

I love a good smoothie. Berries, leafy greens, almond milk and spirulina is my go-to shake when I’m feeling a little sick. I like keeping the fiber because when I eat, I like to feel full!

Happy Juicing!